FILE : Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sits by his brother Yoni's grave during a memorial ceremony to Yoni Netanyahu in the military cemetery in Mt. Hertzel, June 28, 2009 in Jerusalem, Israel. Lieutenant Colonel Yoni Netanyahu was killed in July 1976 as he rescued passengers on a hijacked flight in Entebbe, Uganda. (June 28, 2009 - Photo by Pool/Getty Images Europe)

By : Corey Fauchon


The soldier fights for the people,
The soldier fights for good,
The soldier fights against evil.

Evil fights against the soldier,
Good fights with the soldier,
The people help the soldier.

The soldier fights for the Politicians,
The soldier fights for his country,
The soldier fights for his religion.

The politicians send him of to fight,
The country supports his strength,
His religion holds him back.





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